Current blind trends

Decorating windows with elegance and style results in more than an aesthetic upgrade, as a matter of fact window blinds gives you the opportunity to be creative. For those that change styles often or do not stick to the same style for long, blinds may be the item you need to uplift and brighten a room’s atmosphere.

Eco-friendly material, metallic’s, and bright colours seem to be the newest trend with respect to blinds for 2015.  The newest trends suggest that traditional designs are becoming more daring, old is fusing with the new, and minimalism is finally a thing of the past.

Following is a look at the most important change in current blind trends.

Combining curtains with blinds

If you are undecided whether you should make use of blinds or curtains why not use both? Combining both will be the trend for the year and is most effective when the colours of both curtains and blinds complement each other. The choice of blinds to suite your curtains are easy as each type of blind is manufactured using different materials.

Keep the design simple by combining window blinds and curtains of the same palette – that is, blind and curtain colours should be closely matched. Be of combining lightly coloured curtains with dark wooden blinds as this will shift the focus from one to the other instead of improving the overall effect. To keep the combination simple make use of blinds manufactured from rods as these will compliment any decorative style.

Combining curtains with blinds is not only decoratively pleasing but has added functionality as the amount of sunlight entering the room can now be controlled more precisely. When considering a change do some homework, look at a few curtain and blind combinations that can be readily be found on the Internet. Remember that current blind trends may be relevant for a few years.

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