Silhouette blinds

Beautiful to behold with an awesome décor effect on ambience and aesthetic, durable and high quality, silhouette blinds nevertheless present quite a challenge when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Luckily, this doesn’t need to happen too often.

How to Clean
The occasional wipe-down is usually sufficient, especially in high-dust areas, but every so often you want to clean them thoroughly so here’s a recommended method for achieving this

– First, reconcile yourself to the fact that you have to remove them from the window.
– Next, open them out entirely so that the maximum surface area is exposed.
– Now, remove any of the larger dirt items, such as dead insects – often this is achieved by simply taking the blinds outside, turning them on their side and shaking them, a hairdryer should remove the more stubborn dirt.
– Then, put the blinds into a bath-type container along with a small amount of mild cleanser and fill the container with just enough water to cover the blinds.
– Use your hands to move the blinds around in the water to release caked-on dirt. The water will turn `brown with dirt – repeat this rinsing process until the water is no longer really dirty and then drain the bath.
– Refill the bath one more time but, this time, don’t add any soap. Rinse the soap out of the blinds.
– Now, fill the bath up with warm water and added a cup of bleach. Agitate the blinds in the bleach until you are sure that it has penetrated the blinds throughout. Then allow the blinds to soak in the bleach for about ten minutes.
– Now drain the bath and then repeat the rinsing of the blinds.
– Then leave them in the bath to dry. This shouldn’t take longer than a day.
– Replace the blinds in the window.

We guarantee that you will be absolutely amazed at the result, how “new” the blinds will look. Well worth the trouble.

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