Window Blinds and Installation

Texture, material, lightweight or heavier? These are some of the things we think about when purchasing curtains for the house. However, curtains are a thing of the past now. We are no longer required to use them, but rather choose to. Another choice presented to us is window blinds. This solid construction of blinds we have on offer give into your every whim. Think of the things you associated with curtains, but think of more variety.

We want to install your blinds for you. But in order to do that, we need to take you a journey of what you can expect. Choosing blinds can be a personable statement on the taste and décor style your home says about you. In order to make the right decision, you need to educate yourself on what is available. We have an array of choices at Interio Blinds and deem it necessary to allow our customers to get a feel for what we have on offer. From exterior to aluminium to honeycomb, our choices will drive you crazy with lust.

Our pleated shades are made from a soft cloth that lifts up easily when tugged on. Accommodating a very simple and basic texture to a room, they offer a warm lift to a minimalist home. The exterior shades we have block the direct sunlight and cool the temperature of the room, thus making it easier to use on very hot days.  Aluminium shades allow for the light to be manipulated. You can choose how much sun comers into a room just by lifting or closing these blinds. These are some of the blinds we have on offer, but there are many more options to explore. So we encourage you to get down to our showroom and experience them for yourselves.

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